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While The Nurtured Way has taken several forms over the years, I see them all as different phases of gestation, each one leading, quite naturally, to the next. It has been over a decade since I began my extensive inquiry into holistic healing modalities and the ways that we can support each other that speak to the core of our humanity - approaches that connect with the unique essence of who we are and the medicine that we seek - for our bodies, our spirits, and our spaces.

Beginning this summer (2019), I will be accepting homeopathic clients as I embark on my year under supervision (part of my second year of study and formal certification process). If you’ve been considering exploring classical homeopathy as a supportive healing modality, now is the perfect time! While under supervision, my rates will remain low and flexible, and there is the benefit of a second set of (seasoned and certified) eyes on all recommendations - a little like a “two homeopaths for one” special! Join me?


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