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While The Nurtured Way has taken several forms over the years, I see them all as different phases of gestation, each one leading, quite naturally, to the next. It has been over a decade since I began my extensive inquiry into holistic healing modalities and the ways that we can support each other that speak to the core of our humanity - approaches that connect with the unique essence of who we are and the medicine that we seek - for our bodies, our spirits, and our spaces.

Come September 2018, I will embark on a two-year, full-time program in classical homeopathy. However, the call to bring what I’ve gathered thus far into the light is strong.

A significant portion of my work since my early days of study has been to address my own needs for healing and personal growth. If I’ve learned nothing else in that time, it is that noisy intuition is not to be ignored!

My focus, until I can include homeopathic consultation, is around nutritional and herbal therapies, various forms of energy medicine, and the power of deep listening.

I hope you’ll take a look around, and do reach out if you feel so moved. I’d love to hear from you and support you on your path.


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