Transformation Season - Part 4 - "The Body Episode"

Well, yesterday was day 40 - the final day of my initial transformation! As promised, I’ve included my stats in the video and will post before and after photos below (taking the "comfort zone stretching" thing to a *whole* new level).

I continue to focus on building strength and flexibility in addition to cardio (and am thrilled that all of the work of the last eight months is *finally* paying off!).

Overall, this experience has affirmed, once again, the incredible impact that small shifts can have on every area of life. I continue to feel the benefits of this new rhythm and am SO thankful for the privilege of doing this work.

The other topic covered in this video centers on the importance of building our resiliency in mind, body, and spirit. When we are resilient, we are better equipped to weather the challenges that inevitably come our way, and a cleanse can be a powerful part of the four-pronged strategy that I touch on.

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From left to right: Day 1, Day 11, Day 41

From left to right: Day 1, Day 11, Day 41