Plant Remedy Epiphany - The Power of CBD

Save $50 or 25% - whichever is greater - with the code " soulspeak "

Save $50 or 25% - whichever is greater - with the code "soulspeak"

In 2013, I experienced my first panic attack. It was while driving my kids home from school, in heavy traffic, on a single lane bridge, and was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life.

After being cleared for any physiological issues that may have caused the attack, I was faced with the hard work of breaking the cycle. You see, when your body enters an extreme fight or flight state, whatever you were doing at the time of the attack becomes a trigger. So, for me, any time I got in a car to drive, I felt like I was dying. 😬 Trouble was, I didn’t have a choice. My roles as a parent and birth worker and student necessitated that I drive daily.

Granted, exposure therapy is one of the things recommended for treating panic attacks, but it was incredibly difficult. I also worked with coping techniques like mental math and frequent shifting of my visual focus, in addition to adding supplements and making diet tweaks.

For three years, I persevered and saw improvement, but long rides remained very difficult, and any small stress or heavy traffic would still bring on extreme waves of panic.

Finally, in February of 2016, after reading a powerful story online, I began a deep dive into research of hemp-based CBD oil. I was hesitant - it felt illicit - and I am a rule follower by nature (still working on that!). However, after learning that there was no psychoactive component and the potential benefits for anxiety and panic attacks were great (AND that it was legal), I decided to give it a try. The price point was a punch in the gut, but I was so longing for something that would support breaking the stubborn loop of panic attacks.

Well, it turned out to be exactly what I’d hoped for (and more - but I’ll save other stories for other posts). It was as though the volume control on my anxiety had been turned down to a whisper, and those pesky panic episodes were stopped in their tracks (and, knock on wood, have not returned). It was in this way that I became a “believer” in the power and importance of this incredible plant medicine.

Today, the superfoods company that I work with has pre-launched a product that I WISH I had had access to two years ago. It is an organically sourced, USA grown, full spectrum, high potency (1500 mg per oz) CBD extract intended for sublingual use, at a significantly lower cost than what I’ve been paying.

I am so excited by their commitment, not only to quality but more affordable access to this wonderful tool.

If you, too, are a CBD consumer, or even CBD curious, I encourage you to check out the link below.

With the code “soulspeak” you can save $50 on your first order of a single bottle - $69 after discount - (or 25% off if you order multiple items and the savings is greater than $50) PLUS 25% off future orders. There is NO subscription required.

Note: If stock runs out before you get there, more is on the way! Backorders will ship after the “official” launch on 4/20. 😉 The discount will still be good!

Please don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have questions! 💜

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