Transformation Season - Part 1

✨Today marks the official shift to spring, even if there IS still abundant snow on the ground, here, in Vermont.✨


It also marks the beginning of the second half of a seasonal cleanse that I started back on February 28 and it feels like the perfect opportunity to check-in.

As some of you know, nearly ten years ago, sparked by complex and chronic illnesses in myself and my kiddos that were never "fixed" by western medicine, I began a wild and wondrous journey into the healing power of food, herbs, movement, and mindfulness, as well as a few other complementary healing practices. I will also be returning to school in the fall to round out the package with formal study of classical homeopathy.

This is part of my work in the world.

Yet, despite this focus and progress and the seemingly miraculous healing of my youngest son, I have been struggling with some fresh autoimmune issues for over a year that, while slightly improved as I tried various approaches, were stubbornly unresolved.

Enter, my lovely friend Laura who posted about her recent experience with an organic superfood-centric cleanse that had rocked her world. Her usual radiance had somehow been amplified *and* she had successfully addressed some lingering health issues after a number of challenging years. I was at that vulnerable point, despite having sworn off any cleanses that involved powdered beverages, that I found myself saying (after some rapid research) "Why the hell not?"

Well - after only TWO days on this protocol, the grumpy hives that had plagued me, to varying degrees, every night for the last twelve months (truly, I had tried SO MANY THINGS) had resolved. POOF. It felt like my body had suddenly been gifted the missing puzzle piece. This had been my main goal (hope!) when I said, "Yes," but the other changes I've noticed these last three weeks have been wonderful, too. My body has noticeably less inflammation, my moods and energy are more stable, my sleep is better, I have lost inches and some pounds even as I've gained muscle, there is no tummy upset or bloating, and my blood sugar (another struggle) has been great (there is flexibility around meals to meet macros - the balance of fats/protein/carbs in your diet - for those who need it - huzzah!).

The best part is that the foundation of all of this has come in the form of bioavailable preparations of non-GMO, organic, nutrient-dense superfoods and herbs from a company that is dedicated to both quality and sustainable practices. There is also an incredibly supportive community whose positivity and commitment to healing is a beautiful thing to be a part of.

I could go on, but this is the gist. If you are feeling curious and want more details, do reach out here or via messenger and/or listen to my first attempt at an unscripted video (please be gentle - I'm still learning)! I'd love to connect.

I'm so excited to see what the future holds!

*This post and video were originally shared on Facebook