December Update!


Winter “break” has arrived at last! With this first milestone has also come a request to reflect on my experience, thus far. I’ll attempt to update a bit more frequently in the coming semesters, but I make no promises. Thank you for bearing with me as I undertake this career shift!


As a professional classical musician, a woman in tech, and later an author, I've experienced my share of careers that, in the early learning years, often aim to tear you down with the purpose of "re-building you from scratch,” to their rigid (yet often elusive) standards. Not to knock it; I've learned so much from those experiences. However, the study of homeopathy is proving very, very different.

Introspection is its own art, and one that I befriended at a very young age - the primary catalyst for evolution and growth that we all must discover on our own. Even so, when teachers are unavoidably entangled in our most personal alchemy of transformation, it can become an even more intricate and potentially harrowing dance.

This journey that I've embarked on has surprised me in its lack of such complication, despite the many players. There is rigor. There are exacting standards. There is an expectation of responsibility and maturity, as well as a commitment to going deeper at all times (both within the material AND ourselves). Still, the individual is so wholly respected. This is new to me, though familiar in the sense that it’s what I’ve been seeking on this winding road to a healing profession.

Just like a remedy, there is a healer for every patient, and just as there are a finite number of substances in the world, when potentized, so are they also often vast in their power, whether broad or deep, expedient or persistent.

This, for me, highlights a key difference in the homeopathic modality. Every student and practitioner, while connected by an underlying thread, is on their own journey, informed by their own experiences and their unique presence in this world. The path through the curriculum at AHE aims to solidify a critical foundation in such a way that its imprint can help us soar; to take those unique aspects that make us the healers that we are and bring them to as many folks as possible who fit within our own unique resonance, all while maintaining the essential boundaries and truths that exist within the successful application of this art. We become potentized by our practice, even as our practice reflects who we are.

I am so grateful for this program, the mentors who guide us with such passion, and my fellow travelers who are like facets of a prism, each a unique window offering clarity and color to this work.