Meg Smith


Meg Smith is the owner and founder of The Nurtured Way, which will celebrate its tenth birthday in 2019. She is a longtime student of and advocate for holistic healing practices, specializing in dietary therapies and western herbalism as well as intuitive and energy work. She is also the author of two books under the pen name Letha Thérèse, one novel and one poetry collection, with more in the works, as well as an avid cyclist, meditation practitioner, oboist, and gardener. 

Come September 2018, Meg will embark on a two-year, full-time program in classical homeopathy with the intent to integrate this complete healing system as a pillar of her practice. In the meantime, she'll be writing and sharing videos here and on social media, and available via phone and web for consultations around positive shifts that can be made with tweaks to diet and lifestyle habits. She is a firm believer in the power of deep listening and vulnerability in the healing process.