Classical Homeopathy

I am currently accepting homeopathy clients under supervision (part of my final year of full-time study and formal certification process). If you’ve been considering exploring classical homeopathy as a supportive healing modality, now is the perfect time! While under supervision, my rates will remain low and flexible, and there is the benefit of a second set of (seasoned and certified) eyes on all recommendations - a little like a “two homeopaths for one” special! Join me?

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine that has been around for over 200 years, and was first developed by a German doctor by the name of Samuel Hahnemann. It is gentle, safe, and effective, and is used by over 200 million people, worldwide - the second largest therapeutic system in the world! There is a large body of existing and ongoing research in support of its efficacy, and you can find just a few bits on my reading list as a place to get your feet wet.

Why Homeopathy?

  • Because homeopathy is for everyone, and it relies on an individualized approach based on how YOU experience your imbalance (acute or chronic, mental, physical, or spiritual). While named conditions can give us clues about what the body needs, it is really your unique expression of symptoms that guides treatment. It’s my job to understand your experience as fully as possible through our consultation, which means that my most important responsibility is to listen. Then, through the use of a remedy that best matches your symptom picture, the goal is to encourage your body to heal from the inside out, on your way toward reaching your personal “truest and highest calling.”

  • It is green medicine. With our world’s resources stretched thin, green consciousness rightly permeates all areas of our lives, including our evaluation of healthcare options. Because we work with dilute substances, only the most minimal amount of raw material is required to make a nearly endless supply of remedies, and under the right conditions, they last a LONG time.

  • It is affordable medicine. Healthcare can feel incredibly inaccessible, especially in the US, even with insurance. One of my missions is to ensure that Homeopathy is accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. I do need to pay my bills, but you also deserve to feel your best and to receive high quality care when you don’t. We can work together to make sure that both of our needs are met. Oh, and the remedies themselves are affordable, as well! There is no pharmaceutical industry setting or pushing up prices, so costs are always reasonable (around $10-20 for a large supply, and if I have your remedy in stock, it may be even less).

  • It is safe. In addition to being gentle in their actions within the body, homeopathic remedies are part of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) and are regulated by the FDA, ensuring that homeopathic pharmacies are held to the highest standard.

Fees while under supervision (July 2019- june 2020)

Note: These are the suggested fees - if you are unable to pay the full amount, please ask me about options for a payment plan, sliding scale, or barter. I truly believe that Homeopathy should be accessible to everyone. That said, for perspective, please keep in mind that my work does not end with the consultation - most initial cases require around 10 hours of work on my part, and follow-ups vary, so some form of energy exchange is expected.

Initial intake (90-120 minutes) - $150
Follow-up (30-45 minutes) - $50
Acute care (for current clients only) - $25